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Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest

Melissa about herself: Hey everyone, my name is Melissa and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. You may recognize me because not too long ago I was in all the headlines when I was arrested for being nude in public :(

I really want you to know that I am a very personable person, you can email me and I will reply back, and I treat my members with the utmost respect. There are literally over 10,000 pictures inside of me (plus 3000 pics of other girls), and hours upon hours of videos. I also offer a chat forum and my new Virtual 3-D Video game for all members. Join today and shoot me an email, I'll even send you some personal pics just for you, dressed in whatever you like! Or message me on my member's only messenger chat name!

Visit her personal web site!

Melissa Midwest Free Galleries

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